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Since you are here, it is clear that you are looking for fine custom hand crafted leather leashes, collars, harnesses or service dog vests and patches for your dog. Well, you have found all that and more!

We are a small family business situated in the heart of leather country. Our family has a long history of training, working with, competing with, living with and loving dogs. As a result, we clearly understand the desire of handlers and trainers to have leather dog harnesses, leather dog collars, leather dog leashes and other gear that is beautiful, comfortable, durable, tough and going to last a long time. We discovered years ago that the quality equipment we demand for ourselves cannot be found in the mass-produced inferior quality imported leather products that stock the shelves of ordinary equipment suppliers. We will not, and we do not expect our clients to, settle for run of the mill equipment. Therefore, our mission is a simple one: It is to provide the most beautiful, comfortable, and functional quality custom hand crafted and long-lived leather equipment possible.

Every piece of equipment is made for you with skill and craftsmanship second to none. Our leather dog collars, leather dog leashes and leather dog harnesses will take you and your dog across town or across the country from the hiking trails to the show ring whether he is your show dog, your service dog, your protector or your pal.

We promise to make for our customers only top quality products we'd be happy to have for ourselves. The links on our pages will take you to where you can find a good sampling of our service dog vests and patches and our leather collars, leashes and harnesses. However, given that all products are hand made, there are nearly as many variations of products as there are handlers, trainers, and dogs who use them. So not everything possible is shown. If you don't see exactly what you want, Contact Us and if we don't have it, we'll make it! If you'd like information about any of our products or about having something custom designed for you, be sure to Ask Us About It!